[Big Issue] I can't see the rest of my tiers in a group of levels because I have so many

I have a category for every item type in my store and each group has 6 tiers. Well, the problem is I've made so many groups that when I duplicate a group it stopped showing the rest of the tiers in that new group as it only shows 2.

If I delete the top 2 tiers in that group, the next two will show. The app just stopped listing the groups as if it "reached the bottom" but it actually just not displaying them. There is no way to edit the remaining levels in that group and I really need to finish these discount groups before I launch...

Steps to reproduce:
- Create a group of 6 tiers
- Keep duplicating that group until you see that it will only show 2 levels in that group where it hits "the end of the page" when it should keep showing the rest of the group.