Claimable deals at the bottom? Any way to bring them up and hide deals that a customer has no items for yet? Also there's a bug with "Apply discount for every matching products"

So here's are my 2 issues.

Problem #1:
I have a lot of deal for a lot of different kinds of products, but when I go into the deals menu after clicking the button, it will show all the available deals at 33%. I want the deals the customer doesn't have any products in their cart for to not show up unless they have said products. I got an exclusive page that shows my deals.

Problem #2:
If I fulfill the criteria for a milestone, I have to scroll all the way down at the bottom of the long list due to problem #1. The app itself does not prioritize claimable deals toward the top but instead sends them to the bottom of all the deals which haven't been fulfilled yet. Any way to fix this?

Problem #3:
I have buy 2, get one free deals. It's set up so that if a customer has over 2 of specific collection of items in their cart and they check out with it, they get the other 1, 100% off aka free. Here's the issue, when I select "Apply discount for every matching products" and then claim the deal, it makes the entire cart free. So all 3 items in the cart become 100% off instead of only the 3rd one becoming free. This is a huge issue and I'm glad I noticed it before it would become a problem. My initial understanding of the "Apply discount for every matching products" is that it applies the same deal when you accomplish it multiple times. For example, it would discount every 3rd item 100% off or if you had 6 items in your cart and applied the discount, you would get 2 items free.

Is this not how it's supposed to work? If not, I am going to have to disable that option so that I don't end up giving away everything for free lol.