Please PLEASE for the love of god somehow add support for auto updating collections in milestones

There are options in milestones where "All Products" is supposedly auto updating because it applies to all of the products, but there is no support for auto updating custom collections. I have over 20 milestone groups each with 6 levels in them for a large array of differing products. I use the milestones system in a really in depth way and always have deals that persist so these deals need constant updating.

If I add a new product to my store, I have to go to all of the affected milestones and go in there and clear every single one of the collections in each individual rule and then re-add the collection so it doesn't stack on older products or duplicate which takes a ton of time considering I have to type the collection name in on each one and make sure I don't add the collection under the wrong rule and mess it all up entirely. Not only is this incredibly tedious, but its time consuming as well. Some of these collections have thousands of products and just having the app try and add in the enormous line of products onto the list can take several minutes.

If you could prioritize this feature or at least implement it some time in the future, I would really, really appreciate it and it would be an incredible time saver and load off my shoulders for me. Having a feature like this would be an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER in using this app.

In my opinion, as much as I love this app, I find that the biggest issue I run across while using it is the small and tedious things that could be improved upon. I would rather have improved upon new features that cut tons of time off my using the app in order to focus on other things rather than aesthetics or general function of the app.