Select All Feature DESPERATELY Needed. New Update When?

Hey, I've been with milestones for half a year now and I actually haven't sold anything yet (since I'm still building my business) but still paid for the app. It would be nice for a refund and give users a free trial until they've sold an item. Anyway, that's not the main issue.

What I've realized with Tabarnapp is that it really lacks a "select all" feature where you click a check box or whatever after searching keywords and then it selects all in that tag group of what you searched. Currently, if you want to change anything you will need to reselect all the items. This is EXTREMELY tedious as I have over 2000 products in my store and some groups have 500+ products. Which means I have to individually select all 500+ for the deals I want to do plus if I add any new products to that group, I have to select them all again in addition to the new ones.

If milestones had just this one simple feature, it would make all the difference in comparison to other similar apps. This app is amazing in its own way since it allows you to add free shipping/more rules compared to other apps but it just feels really undeveloped in some areas and not user friendly.

Also, I was told there was going to be an update for Milestones soon but that was like 2-3 months ago. I know the new shopify store just launched like a month ago but I'm still waiting on the new update I heard about. Is there any plan to release it soon and is the "select all" feature included in this update? To me this would change immensely how I use this app because it is currently the biggest hurdle I am having with this app and the amount of products in my store.