Import & Update Products in Shopify

Overview of the Moose Sync app - 00:15:00

Import and Update products data from CSV files. Here's how it works

Feed Setup - 00:01:23

Set your data feed up and start importing products to Shopify. 

Mapping Fields - 00:01:53

From your CSV files to Shopify, map your CSV columns with your store's fields. 

Virtual Fields - 00:02:12

Create virtual fields (or virtual columns) to be imported in your Shopify store, from multiple fields or columns of your CSV file(s)

Transforming fields - 00:01:29

Transform fields and values of you CSV file to something else in your Shopify store.

Tags - Prefix & Transformation - 00:02:51

Import tags and add a prefix to them, or transform tags value to another value.

Schedule imports with Auto-launchers - 00:01:40

Create auto launchers to schedule products import and update in your Shopify store

Task & Error logs - 00:01:08

Each import ran is summarized in the Tasks screen. Find out all errors that happened during the import/update.

Subscription plans - 00:02:28

Manage your subscription plan based on the number of products in your CSV files and the number of daily updates you wish to run.

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