Latest releases of the Konversion theme

Versioning logic - Version X.Y.Z
X means a major change in theme due to a change in Shopify's core
Y means a big enough change that involves new key features and/or big change/fix
X means small bug fixes and small features release.
Make sure you have the latest version of the theme. When you submit a ticket, we'll support only the latest version. To know the version of your theme, go to Theme > Customize theme > Edit code. Look at the bottom.

07/18/2021 - Version 2.1.2

  1. Fix collection images ratio/size in collection pages

06/22/2021 - Version 2.1.1

  1. Update some colors
  2. Update FAQ theme section for Homepage

04/19/2021 - Version 2.1.0

  1. Fix Facebook pixel issue(add cart event) 
  2. Fix featured product section
  3. Fix 3D model show and vertical carousel on product page 
  4. Convert SCSS to CSS

12/07/2020 - Version 2.0.4

  1. Fix Make a Selection option
  2. Swatch option align change
  3. Price color label update
  4. Write a Review button issue
  5. Fix password page issue

10/16/2020 - Version 2.0.3

8149c0f #758 Cart banner image size for mobile and desktop 
c423ed1 Fix Buy now button glitch problem
4875a67 Fix product slide swipe issue
1be31d0 #701 Fix some feedback from merchants
fe7b1e0 #4735 Fix Newsletter popup issue 
8182152 #714 Update Implement Predictive search 
8caef32 Instagram section with new API 
a5a948a Update make a selection option

07/24/2020 - Version 2.0.2

0362d72 cart upsell for first drawer loading 
071ab30 duplicating cart drawer and popup
0979985 #772 option to add arrows on slideshow
6adb5d0 product menu broken images & more menu 
d31d994 #774 banner image switched to img tag
c4658d2 custom content width full when invert background is enabled 
9a4f234 Update product-page-custom-content.liquid 
9fbc337 #773 schema markup update 
1e3107b #779 smooth navigation product tabs 
fb1c36b #777 main price color option 
90ec677 custom content visibility
ad2774a filter dropdown 
f5a13f5 #776 fix broken image on collection
3a6d578 #727 fix featured product variant selection 
c5efb56 #727 featured product variant selection update 
aa11637 #727 fix featured product varaint price update function 
302bef9 #775 update article template content width 

03/20/2020 - Version 2.0

1e82d27 change in versioning format 
1314c96 include to render issues
e2a8c0a password modal
b04c237 #764 product banner 
fab079f stikcy ATC & deal of the day
acff077 #765 swatch fixed 
d1d5f4c edited text to fix #761
93de50f trust badge snippet optimize
d80eb23 logo padding option
2a95eca #765 mobile/desktop logo visibility
9f7202e #766 remove lazyload from logo 
442ac0f #766 lazyload animation with blurry image
9f62fc7 #766 lazyload for product card 2nd image
b5eb0ae #768 option for select product options
11280c7 #768 select option placeholder for selecting same variant
bf7c20b #768 interaction with hide unavailable options
91829a4 bump version 2.0.0

02/07/2020 - Version 1.6.4

b94ec02 improved search results for partial matches and for product results only
5af0a76 Changed default settings 
7f11779 cart popup issues 

02/03/2020 - Version 1.6.3

1649a9a topbar grid - Dan
b65b794 04 page footer 
aafdf62 hide sold out text in the price of collection page when ATC button is below the item - Dan
867aac5 remove cart item by minus button - Dan
b9055fd fixed slider video - Dan
383e195 cart upsell for collection - Dan
9b8d431 slider placeholder svg - Dan
0ae997f #743 broken product card with iframe alt text - Dan
76aa5b0 #733 eliminate edit language blank space - Dan
c048b70 disable ATC button on collection by default - Dan
5b21263 #740 broken featured product section - Dan
fd1761b improved settings_schema - derekmorin
68fb6a9 changed some text and default settings - derekmorin
02ec09c updated settings_data - derekmorin
5de4e3a added Badass theme style as theme preset - derekmorin
3ea3217 #740 broken slider for blank featured product - Dan
77ec515 #751 header/menu/product/cart issues - Dan
9ac4b6f #751 guarantee image update - Dan
d4ad3d9 automatic discount extension removed - Dan

09/14/2019 - Version 1.6.1

`095f434` fixed slide update 
`a11a6c8` fit cart content to screen height
`632b188` #699 product featured image setting text
`8c1d5c0` #719 fix duplicated shipping rate calculation text
`902e899` #718 fix hardcoded OR in cart template
`12f0e58` #713 cart drawer content issue caused by properties 
`8d6658b` #692 option for menu uppercase
`731ea88` #709 cart issue with reducing qty when there is 1 
`5aee49a` #724 blank gap in the footer when not a lot of content 
`bb2be7a` #715 tweak breadcrumb margin when announcement bar enabled 
`0a176a4` #706 specifying image size for lazy load
`99074ee` #706 product json optimization for collection page loading
`8e578e9` #698 improve meta image size
`a0dd6f6` remove instagram default values
`223f12c` fix Ryviu tab widget

07/20/2019 - Version 1.6

| * f09dcae Upgrade gulp to build on latest node (12.6)
| * 73d183b fake facebook like & share buttons
| * 528e6f7 #655 make logo bigger
| * 0b32096 localize
| * 512c2e9 #696 hardcoded shop continue label
| * ca1428b #694 product card title length

05/19/2019 - Version 1.5.1
| * cafed91 #686 raw html setting update
| * d75f6d6 685 options for cart banner
| * 8c344b1 #684 Issue with hide ATC buttons
| * 66bae38 #684 issue once upsell product is added to cart
| * aee31b8 cart drawer link go to cart page
| * 9d9a312 #675 clean the cart options
| * 55febe0 hide ribbon default value

03/21/2019 - Version 1.5

| * c369149 option to show featured image on product page load
| * 1117664 guarantee image size on mobile for cart page
| * 3f92abf product icons layout and appearance fix
| * 20525d1 #679 Option to hide ribbon for product card
| * 5761c6c #673 product upsell help text
| * f0af33d broken product image on search result with video featured image
| * d96a3aa youtube video width when setting value is empty
| * aa0f009 slide image size for desktop
| * 0006f98 #673 product upsell with collection handle
| * c23b368 gap when warranty and support view not exist on cart
| * ace423c slideshow text width on mobile
| * 2032707 #678 cart upsell in popup and drawer cart
| * 9d92244 video slide fix
| * 50dcff5 removed wholesale from release
| * f2c1c04 #677 product icons alignment and appearance
| * f7f4b6f #676 removed FB placeholder icons
| * 170c6e9 #674 option to control line height of sub menu
| * a343555 #671 nested sidebar styling
| | * 7f25da0 remove version from theme.scss
| | * 034f0cc sticky ATC bar position when fixed header is none
| * | edfdf59 #671 Nested menu in collection page
| * 0757f1a affiliate description update
| * e61be8d #669 cart breaks when qty is zero by minus button
| * c443c69 #669 cart remove action
| * 30bfa0b #664 inventory qty get from liquid
| * 6fccad3 #663 Desktop sticky ATC bar overlaps header sub-menu
| * 0c05d77 #658 Option to make main image same in collection and product page

01/23/2019- Version 1.4.1

| * cb7f1a7 Add `natives` lib to use gulp with node v11.6
| * a47ec42 #660 product price color for desktop
| * 812e8db #171 upsold product design glitch
| * 6b31a9f #171 upsell on product style updates
| * fbbbcf1 #171 bug and issues on cart upsell
| * d1052dc #171 cart upsell responsive
| * 8edac00 #171 cart upsell
| * 9872a32 #171 updates on product upsell
| * 5089000 defer image loading for in-app browser
| * 7e28a8d #171 product upsell settings and info
| * 033b57b #171 Product upsells on product page
| * 33eb367 speed optimize
| * 9bd1636 #642 image overlay setting text
| * 1dd998c #642 admin text for image hover effect
| * 1b56986 #463 header cart widget settings
| * 5f1dd14 Ticket #2221 date.js issue
| * b85f442 wholesale auto discount on checkout
| * 22cbb73 wholesale labels update
| * bd47813 wholesale removed discount code
| * d9bb822 youtube video info update
| * dbd0594 #539 open product menu on mouseover
| * 850843a #605 collection sidebar
| * 487b061 #605 gaps on header menu
| * 9e3920d #634 typo and css fixes
| * 693a0cd #634 typo in setting label
| * 9d7c7ea #634 breadcrumb display option for normal pages
| * 673b964 #634 contact page promo product card alignment
| * a6772a4 #634 custom content section > invert color option
| * fa0c133 #622 ryviu app integration for product tabs

12/17/2018 - Version 1.4

| * b1144bb #629 update description for color swatch option
| * 60821e9 wrong product info supply for mobile sticky ATC button
| * bfffdca mobile & desktop banner for collection
| * 576309e product image smooth swipe
| * 7d70b87 lazy load image for infinite scroll product cards
| * 33b7299 fix template error
| * a5a0cc4 wholesale extension for ajax cart
| * 80ae131 wholesale extension
| * 3825125 product 2 columns layout not working
| * ef6e899 #653 change default text in cart settings
| * 255fa0f combining styles and SwipeToSlide
| * 5f35951 option to enable/disable product image swipe
| * c419e17 option to show/hide search bar
| * 69d168f display all menu items by default
| * 9261bfe defer offscreen issue on real devices
| * c121f18 #620 Header cart widget
| * d798949 #620 Add to cart behavior same overall
| * bc750cd #649 option to change the number of collections per row
| * 0f148c5 #628 variant swatch not working with number
| * c0006cd hide dropdown when there is single variant
| * 287cf8f defer offscreen image for slideshow
| * 278b696 stay on page when cart drawer enabled
| * 5722f9b defer images offscreen for mobile speed
| * dffaf00 margins related products on cart
| * eb21dfe #638 footer margin in collection pages
| * 0dd4b8d #641 tab description hide when full description enabled on the right
| * b312682 #646 SEO schema updates
| * 0b1fcfb #636 product price varies

11/02/2018 - Version 1.3.4 

| * daffed9 #635 revert slideshow
| * 30ad333 #630 remove paypal debug parameter
| * 3de343b #637 padding bottom on product page caused by sticky ATC button option
| * a754d82 #636 product variants prices
| * 94220bb #634 buy now button font and size issue
| * a8c513d product icons alignment mobile issue

10/17/2018 - Version 1.3.3

| * 497d125 #611 remove unused code for checkout note
| * adad480 #611 checkout note not working in order
| * d0ed2e0 #627 grid broken on custom font
| * b441e89 #615 Slider dots (especially useful on mobile) in product pages
| * 5a6a25c #612 Add custom color for color swatch on homepage featured product
| * efd32b9 #463 Amount displayed in top-right cart widget
| * b707984 #564 Html Content box in the right column of the product pages
| * bd8ddef #614 Custom content section at the bottom of the product pages
| * 11b3f89 #616 String missing for translations
| * 1451177 #619 Mobile vs Desktop display for more homepage sections

09/11/2018 - Version 1.3.2

Fixes made
  • Product page redirect issue in admin
  • Full width setting for custom content
  • Cart quantity box size
  • Topbar z-index

08/13/2018 - Version 1.3.1

`d0f099a` #600 When the variant is sold out, the sticky ATC button doesn't display it to the Sold out on mobile version
`2261bfd` #602 Remove query parameter for variant from product url
`1a0cf53` #601 Adding a new Cart type for ATC action in admin settings
`75628fa` #603 Setting the zoom for various devices 
`88fc58d` #604 trust badge on cart
`06a9f3a` #605 swatch tooltip position
`f225fe8` desktop & mobile visibility setting for custom page content section
`0e6cce9` #607 hide variant with only one option for both swatch and dropdown
`d08bb29` #608 ability to select main menu
`1e8f72b` #609 paypal checkout button overlapping with fixed header

06/26/2018 - Version 1.3.0

| * 1a948a6 Variant image match with multiple color options
| * 486e8dc #566 Margin/padding on single product section on homepage
| * 9595f62 #598 Make all margin/padding top/bottom consistent from one homepage section to another
| * f55ce5e #595 Option to move the Add to cart button above the description when the description is diaplyed FULL in the right column
| * ee4dcf6 #599 Variant option bug on Featured product section
| * 6c6dcd9 #596 On mobile version, the breadcrumb is hidden and the product image is cutting

05/28/2018 - Version 1.2.9

| * aaef855 Fix deps to make gulp work on Node 10.x
| * de9ed5f #264 Implemented features from the very first designs
| * cd0fb2d #464 Clickable slider image (link on the image)
| * 4cd1eb7 Update product icons
| * 22ba321 #575 Support the New Checkout Button by Shopify
| * 73306a8 #592 Put # for links instead of links to default social media pages
| * eef17a4 #593 When clicking the review on the product, it doesn't scroll down to review tab properly
| * 7b92f1c #590 Adding margin or padding between ATC button and icons
| * e17c650 adding margin bottom to the Header see more button
| * 5a52d01 #591 Adding option for logo and menu in header
| * 9492886 #589 The user should be able to add more slideshow
| * 62dd3ce On collection page, only description should move above/below the products
| * 2a77eb6 #586 Add to cart sticky button doesn't work on mobile and tablet
| * 5ceb30a #565 Add to cart sticky button behaviour on mobile
| * 5ff02bd #573 Checkout button color option in the theme settings
| * f6d2777 #511 Hardcoded Add to cart button text
| * b9b34d6 #580 Transparent icons
| * ece8fb3 #569 trust badge image quality and size
| * 47523d3 #585 Related product button doesn't disappear on the product page
| * 2d469f7 #530 Infinite Options integration fix
| * 99484a8 #584 The custom text was not shown on the sticky add to cart button on mobile phone
| * 32db4ff #583 Zoom bug
| * 5b3d87d #582 update variant option label

05/07/2018 - Version 1.2.8

| * f2acea1 #563 [ticket 775] We should make the cart automatically update
| * cc6393d #582 Variant option label Bug
| * 2d71459 #581 [ticket 854] 3 valid requests
| * f1edb5c #563 We should make the cart automatically update
| * 5fe8700 #553 Change link in the Instagram Token instructions
| * 9f98624 #578 Variant option bug with dropdown
| * d70aa3f #570 Bug on add to cart on homepage
| * 216a489 #558 mistake in the text of the customization tab
| * ded6f97 #579 New option to display the collection description below the products
| * c996490 #576 upated product-add-to-cart-bar,collection-template, product-template, product-swatch
| * 30363b9 #550 update some codes for new zoom feature
| * bb0a0c3 #561 Sticky Add to cart bar bug
| * 873dfdd #550 New Zoom plugin
| * 9f0be89 #106 Improved Cart Page(fixed header,trust,support,warranty,payment)
| * 8bc1d35 #534 Display desc tab when no product content(home, product page) on desktop and mobile
| * b26b67d #551 Padding/Margin for custom content block on homepage
| * e5f1ba6 #522 Layout when full screen (17 inches desktop)
| * 72c7ba1 #461 Disable Excerpt by default
| * e8668f6 #491 Add to Cart behaviour improvement

04/04/2018 - Version 1.2.7

* 1483919 Fix header arrow dropdown icon when the width is more than 1600
* 282814a fix header dropdown icon
* 3957647 #462 Bug with the Update cart link/button
* 2cde0c0 #481 Add-to-Cart bar goes over the Drawer cart on Desktop
* 706b0b3 #523 Account icone and Account word should be better aligned
* 85b57c4 #529 Contact Page bugs
* dc0b499 #541 Zoom(bug) on Product page or Featured section
* aedbe04 #524 Change Default Colors of Footer to be dark
* 340384c #531 Product banner text alignment
* 3a9b5df #526 The padding between menu items
* e23f0fd #525 Re-Work The Footer section
* be1ddb6 #543 Feedback theme while rebuilding
* 07e7f65 #544 Store copyright text is missing
* f936c98 #542 Cropping image fix
* 7e7dc9d #540 More link doesn't change with color
* d028b99 #513 Checkout Popup doesn't work when it was enable
* b21091a #516 Hover on 2nd image option
* 1f487eb #515 Header Menu Issues
* 41da61c #518 related product ATC buttons bug on Product page
* 26c30ec #535 Fix issue when menu type was selected to product menu
* 48fb86f #535 Make the logo move at center when header items are center-aligned
* 54ef46c #537 problem with Deal of the Day
* be77d9e #536 zoom doesn't work when img size is small
* 615cb0d Fix gulp cssimport issue after npm update

03/25/2018 - Version 1.2.6

- Fixed variant permalink (direct link redirection bug): Now if you go to variant via permalink it will set options and images accordingly

- Fixed Some options in Button action

- Fixed Product title not displaying in some cases

- Added option on the product pages to Redirect to checkout after adding to cart

- Some Improvements
mobile layouts

- Added an option to display full Description in the Excerpt of the product page and featured product section on


- Made sure Trust Badge image looks great on all devices

- Made menu item padding bigger

- Changed and updated a few options that didn't work on latest theme version

- Added left margin option for logo

- Improved trust badge and icon position below ATC button on


03/13/2018 - Released Version 1.2.5

- Fixed missing variant label for
- Fixed related products on

- Optimized trust badge default image
- Added option to upload a trust badge on product pages below the ATC button

when link string is too long
- Fixed trash icon position in cart drawer/popup
- Added youtube video width setting
- Added option for youtube video alignment
- Fixed collection title below image in collection pages and homepage sections
- Hide variant dropdown box always when there is only 1 variant (no option)
- Fixed Hide variant with one option for dropdown
- Re-added Quantity +/- picker on mobile
- Prevented form submission excepting cart/add
- Fixed a bug in Checkout on cart drawer and popup
- Fixed review stars overlapping with price
- Improved variant columns mobile layout and quantity box position

02/27/2018 - Released Version 1.2.4

  • Remove Linked variants option for the Single product section on the homepage
  • Fixed Reviews tab option to change position (in the navigation menu)
  • Changed ATC default behavior 
  • Improved image

    for Instagram section
  • Option to show/hide product icons
  • Fixed touch menu & submenu for tablets
  • Updated collection filters
  • Improved the Checkout popup option
  • Fixed bug on
    on add to cart, when a video is used instead of the main image
  • Disabled "Hide unavailable variants" (linked variants) by default
  • Fixed Cart Drawer bug when
    scroll is enabled
  • Fixed Add to Cart bug adding multiple items to cart on collection pages for products with a variants/options

  • Improved the user experience for the Continue Shopping (Shop Now) link/button
  • Hide Menu in collection page by default and added a checkbox to enable it
  • Improved mobile form layout 
  • Refactor some inline JS
  • Option to display the Deal of the day timer on multiple product pages

02/10/2018 - Released Version 1.2.3

  • Make Related Products section
    the product page and cart page to take the full width (4 products in the row)
  • Option to hide variant with only one option
  • Fixed tag filters in the collection pages
  • Fix related products slider bug

01/19/2018 - Released Version 1.2.2

  • Option to hide variant with only one option inside the sticky Add to Cart
    bar on


  • Linked options/variants for the Add to Cart
    bar on


  • Fixed sticky variant change not updating

  • Fixed Product card alignment 

  • Hide single option on mobile

  • Custom currency processing

  • Added note
    cart page and widget

01/08/2018 - Released Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed X-Scroll on mobile
  • Fixed Continue Shopping Link to go to All products instead of
  • Fixed variants selection not highlighted on mobile
  • Now supports multi-lang for 100% Discount Free text
  • Improvement
    the sticky Add to Cart bar on Desktop
  • Gift Card template added
  • Changed default CTA button color and fixed hover effect

12/11/2017 - Released Version 1.2

  • Add prefix to body ID
  • Add a padding setting for the main menu in

  • Add a Theme Customization tab with a link to
  • Fix issues on IE10,11 on homepage sections
  • Improve Single product snippet on the homepage for mobile to look like the product page
  • Option to add a custom CTA to replace the Add to Cart button when the product is Free
  • Option for Product price to display "Free" when the price is 0 or when the discount is 100%
  • New
    in the homepage to display a Page content
  • Add a new Video section in homepage
  • Add a new Video block inside the homepage slideshow 
  • New video feature on the main product image of the product page
  • Fix Add to Cart buttons on Related Products snippet
  • New feature to link product variant together
  • Improve Instagram feature on mobile with a setting for the number of rows and images per row to display 
  • New feature to display the Related products snippet on the Cart page
  • Option to change the CTA button color
  • Option to Hide the product title from the page when the Product image banner has the product title on it
  • Fix the 2nd image hover feature on the collection page and collection/products snippet on the homepage
  • Set Product Reviews as the default reviews app
  • Fix the Blog comments snippet
  • Remove the word "Others" present by default in the filter tag groups/categories
  • New custom upsell/checkout popup on desktop and mobile now

11/07/2017 - Released Version 1.1.9

  • Improve logo image and main product image quality
  • make all reviews app have gold stars
  • Implemented a checkout
  • reduced padding between sub-menu items
  • fixed infinite scroll bug on collection pages (displaying ugly Add to cart buttons)
  • added additional checkout buttons on the cart page
  • added an option to display a button or link in the title of the collection/products snippet on the homepage
  • reduced to 1 slide as the default number of slide in the slideshow section
  • Implement +/- quantity selector on mobile
  • Added a custom content block section supporting

    in the cart page
  • Improved Instagram widget in the homepage section
  • Improved page builder with new content blocks: Html block, Video section,
    of products
  • Updated support and documentation links
  • New option to align
    menu at

10/13/2017 - Released Version 1.1.8

  • Refactor the product page from 2 Add to cart forms (one for mobile and one for desktop) to a single one
    • Removed product-page-form-mobile file
    • Moved form HTML from product-template.liquid to snippets/product-page-form
    • Moved content from snippets/product-page-form to src/snippets/product-page-info.liquid (used on Featured product section)
    • Brought back add to cart form on mobile from product-page-form-mobile.liquid
  • Remove debugging output from
    menu (link.title.size)
  • New option to display both the sticky add to cart button and the normal add to cart button on mobile
  • Fixed product title showing twice when you add a banner image inside a product page
  • New option to display a custom menu in the collection pages on mobile
  • Improving top right Add cart widget with many navigation menu items
  • New option for the Add to cart button color 
  • Improved the style of the left sidebar in the collection pages with dropdowns and checkboxes
  • Fixed
    when drawer cart is enabled
  • Disable by default the floating add to cart image animation
  • New integration with the
  • Improved the single product alignment on
    on mobile
  • New option to display a play button and a video on the main product image inside the product page, using the ALT of the image to paste a Youtube video.
  • New option to change and upload product page icons under the Add to Cart button
  • Supporting Font Awesome Icons for the product page icons

10/06/2017 - Released Version 1.1.7

  • Hide the "OR" word in the drawer cart if the payment gateway is not fully set up and the additional button(s) is hidden
  • Option to display both the default Add to cart button and the sticky Add to cart button on mobile
  • Option to remove/add

    the left of the logo without affecting the logo on mobile
  • Added an Integration with the Ryviu app inside General Settings > Apps
  • Fixed a bug with text over
    on featured products on mobile
  • Option to hide one (or more) product icon(s) when you remove the text of the product icon. Eg. removing "free shipping" text will hide the free shipping icon.
  • Fix the +/- quantity picker bug in some stores
    the cart page 
  • New horizontal product thumbnails option
    the product page
  • Multi-level (3) supported for the left sidebar menu in the collection pages
  • Added options to customize the 404 page
  • Added option to add the first name in the newsletter opt-in popup
  • Reduced margin/gap between image and product title on mobile on the featured collection & featured products section of the homepage
  • Fixed the product variant with long names that popped out of the variant box/container

09/29/2017 - Released Version 1.1.6

  • Fixed featured product card layout on the homepage (title and price displaying
    the product image)
  • Fixed main image loading bug on mobile from Facebook in-app browser traffic
  • Fixed countdown timer bug on mobile when you change the product variant
  • Improved sticky Add to cart on mobile
  • Added
    t for long product titles inside the sticky add to cart
    bar on


  • Added margin-left option for

  • Fixed Sticky add to cart
    bar on

    bug with the double Add to Cart text
  • Enhanced search box style 
  • New option to add a banner image
    product pages - each product can have a different image. Learn more
  • Added a "None" option for the main product image zoom
  • Added links to recommended image sizes for the slideshow (slider)
  • Small fix on the Deal of the day feature
  • Fixed bug with jQuery has deprecated synchronous

09/22/2017 - Released Version 1.1.5

  • Option to add a custom link on the logo, in the Header Section. Useful especially for stores on a sub-domain that wants to send users clicking on the logo to the main domain.
  • Fixed bug - Wrong pricing displayed in the sticky add to cart
    bar on


  • Changed the documentation link in the theme settings
  • Option to remove the left margin beside the logo
  • Added an option to display a background image or background. Learn more.
  • Fixed the bottom gap caused by loading on mobile when the description tab is expanded.
  • Option to display the collection description text at the top of the collection pages. Learn more.
  • Added more options for the Add to Cart button location on mobile. Learn more.
  • Option to close the description tab by default on mobile.
  • Allow custom logo for
    version (possible to add a different logo image on mobile vs desktop)
  • More flexible product card height for product images on collection pages (and collection section and featured products section on the homepage)
  • Add a "None" option for the left sidebar menu in the collection pages.

QUESTION: How can I change this text " Shipping & taxes calculated at checkout"? Ideally, I would like something that mirrors the "Best currency converter" app. They replace that text with " All orders are processed in USD. While the content of your cart is currently displayed in {{ doubly
}}, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate."

ANSWER: We added an option in the theme. You can now add a special tag, typing eg. `<span data-current-currency>USD</span>` and our JS replace the `USD` to whatever currency is selected.

09/15/2017 - Released Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed the Problem when merchant re-ordered images and got
    linkage to options form
  • Improved currency conversion; Multiple fixes
  • "Continue Shopping" button on the cart page and cart widget
  • Paypal button on drawer and popup cart
  • Option to display the Collection page banner image in mobile version
  • Fixes for


  • Prettier sticky "add to cart" button on tablets
  • Improved speed from B score to A score on
    Minified inline scripts & styles; Change defaults)
  • Added license success message

09/11/2017 - Released Version 1.1.3

  • Fix thumbnail images in the collection pages
  • Implement a new feature to display 2nd image on hover
    the collection page and featured products and featured collection section 

09/10/2017 - Released Version 1.1.2

  • Fix truncated tab titles. Now possible to have more than 1 word per tab title. Eg. Shipping Info, Why Buy From Us
  • New option to hide the account link even if Customer accounts are enabled.
  • New logout link in
  • Option on mobile to display the price under the product title rather than next to it.
  • Fix the Deal of the day widget and improve layout and styling on desktop and mobile.
  • Fix the sticky Add to cart button mobile devices
  • Improve invalid license popup with a more obvious message
  • Remove tips of recommended image size in the slideshow. *Coming soon: mobile slides and desktop slides*
  • Fix Reviews and add a link when you click on the stars to the reviews. Bug fix for Loox and Yotpo too.
  • Added
    n on cart page.
  • Option to upload a mobile logo different than the desktop logo.
  • Fix Unavailable product bug with inventory and 2-column layout on mobile
  • Fix the Countdown

08/29/2017 - Released Version 1.1.0

  • Simplified custom tabs & ordering. Learn more here.
  • Customizable related products. Learn more here.
  • Map section.  Learn more in the Map section here.
  • Loox Photo Reviews & Yotpo integrations (review apps).
  • Vertical logo - Ability to have a header with more height to have some room for vertical logos.
  • Variant options and quantity picker - 2 layouts on mobile.
  • Short description snippet to allow text formatting in the short description on the product page. Learn more.
  • Added a Free Store Setup tab in General Settings. Provided by Shopafree.
  • Product reviews app bug when you copy/paste Settings data from old theme version to
    version. Learn more.

08/22/2017 - Released Version 1.0.0

  • Optimization: CSS Sprites for icons
    the product page
  • Update the German locale file
  • Update the Dutch locale file
  • Fixed a bug in the main menu