Recommended image sizes for the slideshow

Recommended image sizes for the slideshow

Our theme allows you to upload different images for the slides on desktop versus on mobile. Then you can decide if you display those images on desktop only, desktop & mobile or mobile only.

Desktop image sizes recommended


Below we list the recommended dimensions for each height of the flexible slideshow:

Slider Height    Desktop     Mobile
Large            2048x780    750x1170
Medium           2048x520    750x780
Small            2048x400    750x700
Extra Small      2048x250    750x400

Try to place the content carrying the semantic load in the center of the image, this will ensure that useful information will be displayed on all kinds of devices.
Ideally, don't put important elements at the border of the slideshow images. They might be cut on certain devices
from different sizes. For example, it is possible that the picture will be cropped on the sides in this 
range eg. 10-15%. You can be creative with it and use some background/gradients magic to make it look perfect on all devices.


Desktop: 2048x780
Mobile: 750x960

For the horizontal logos, 
ideal ratio is 4:1 (eg. 220 x 55 pixels)
.The size is adjustable in the theme settings inside "Customize Theme > Header". Height could be between 55-60px, but if you put a 120px height, the theme will adjust it. As for the width, it could be between 100-300px. 

For the vertical logos, which means a "higher" logo (bigger in height than in width), you can go to Customize Theme > Theme Settings > Layout > Tall Header. The height could be between 55-120 px. As for the width, it could be between 100-300px. 
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